Took a rest day yesterday

Fell asleep at 7.  The last day of the month is very stressful for me at work.

Woke up and weighed myself (I usually only do that once a month) and found that I’m down to 134.5.  I guess cutting out chips and switching up my workouts made a bit of a difference.  

Haven’t set any May goals yet.  Inspire me and I’ll post my May goals tonight.

What are your goals for May?

  1. miafit answered: Congrats on your goal!! My goal is to get back into a routine.. again. It’s hard being a full time college student. But I try to make it work
  2. shnoon answered: To do a 20kg barbell squat, I’m on 15kg atm but I’m determined….aaannnd to leg press over 80kg :D Let me know your goals
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